Tuesday, November 15, 2016


60 days loose weight program gone wrong. Thank you friend for lending me your winter coat and Im look slimmer than you thought. Mihhhh.

A 4 days work trip in Manchester and 7 days in London and I felt like I have been there almost 1 decade. lol. I do not know how to tell you how much fun that i had in UK. Lagipun semua rakyat Malaysia pernah pergi London kan? lol.

Yang penting aku survive naik tube dari Nelson Garden to Heathrow airport dan orang Malaysia kat sana a bit sombong. idk.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


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I borrowed this book from my lecturer and i never turn it back to her cuz i lup this book as much as people thought i don't read any books. lol. I'll pay to her soon. This book is too good for me. It just like a remedy to be a good person. If you wanted to be a better person orang kata bacalah Qoran, Go and find yourself this book then you know. 

Dulu masa belajar, lecturer selalu cakap kerja dekat Leo Burnett ni susah gila. You need to compete with the rest of smart people. I don't know. Kalau orang lain boleh kenapa kita tak kan? There's no alasan. Dulu masa study memang ada rasa nak kerja dengan advertising firm. But i only knew Leo Burnett. Sebab ada senior intern kat situ 3 hari je kot. Tak tahu kenapa. lol

I want to be like Yasmin. I mean, she's intelligent as we can see through her ads and films. She once said in the book "eh tulis lah subtitle besar sikit. tulis kecil-kecil bukan boleh buat menang award pun." That's shows she is not making film for an award. So she entitled her self as a storyteller. 

There's so many quotes best-best dalam buku ni yang mind blown. Setiap kali pergi book store, aku akan pergi bahagian biography kalau-kalau ada any others book tentang Yasmin. Unfortunately no. hmm

She's an executive creative director in Leo Burnett. I mean i want what she has achieve in her life. Her mother recover from illness because of her, she makes a film for her mother. Makes people happy.

 I need to be more creative. Tapi aku kena belajar tentang common sense dulu. haha

I lup chew, Yasmin.