Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Siti Aafiyah anak ibu.

Definitely there is "NO" for Dato Seri Siti Nurhaliza. The moment when I saw Instagram live via Kak Rozie account regarding "Siti Nurhaliza On Tour 2019", I'm straight away screenshot the venue and price for the concert! IT IS A CONCERT OF THE YEAR. You cannot say no for this event! Its a major regrets when you are not around with all 12,000 #SitiZoners in Axiata Arena last 16th March! haha.

"Will she perform well during this time?!" BITCH?? She sang Kurniaan Dalam Samaran spontaneously with no music and preparation. That is one of the hardest song. She kills every notes. 25 albums, 250 songs, she's top notch!


I don't know how to express my feelings and emotions when seeing her on stage with gold Puteri Perak outfits made by Rizman Ruzaini. I SCREAM LOUDLY (all Sitizoners does lol). Shes freaking gorgeous that night. Starting with irama Malaysia segment which is she sang Badarsila and few song wrote and compose by late Pak Ngah the one who taught her this genre.

Demi Kasih Sayang was LIT ESFAK.

I can't tell more about the concert because I'm too enjoy watching the show. Phewww. Can't stop smiling since I arrived at Bukit Jalil area till today. There were lots of laughter and smiles at the concert. My jaw now is cramped.

Everybody is waiting this one moment which has gone viral from herself indirectly. And she even asked us in the arena, "Semua orang nak saya cakap ni kan?"


Tuesday, November 15, 2016


60 days loose weight program gone wrong. Thank you friend for lending me your winter coat and Im look slimmer than you thought. Mihhhh.

4 days work trip in Manchester and 7 days in London and I felt like I have been there almost 1 century. lol. I do not know how to tell you how much fun that i had in UK. But frankly speaking, i'm not really into London. Istanbul wins my heart. lelz.


I survived taking tube from Nelson Garden to Heathrow airport. I'm European now. Tehee.